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Brates Lake Residence  is  the title of  our story,  one written  with  passion and devotion on the shores of Brates lake, away from the urban noise and pollution,  where  creativity  and  good  taste  redefine  the  modern  style. Today,  our  story  takes  the shape of the residential complex Brates Lake Residence,   and   portrays    a   beautiful   community    with   simple,    yet sophisticated     practices    that    make    this    a    place    to    call   Home.





It  all  begins  at  home,  where  we  start  off our mornings  full  of  joy  and optimism  for  the day  ahead  and  where  we return for peaceful nights. A place  where  ordinary  days  can   easily become special occasions,  just by having lunch  with the family or playing endless games with the kids. And if after so much fun and laughter you need a moment  to relax, then why not move into the garden, it is a perfect place to read a book until the sun sets.






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